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Founder of Windham Hill Records
Violinist, Concertmaster Emeritus of Seattle Symphony


Lake Union Recording is a full-service recording facility located at the base of Queen Anne hill in downtown Seattle.

In addition to tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, we provide a variety of musical services including production, songwriting, composition, musical direction, keyboards, guitar, bass, and percussion.

Lake Union Recording features Baldwin's flagship model SD-10 concert grand piano.
(1994 pre-Gibson). Voiced and maintained by Darrell Fandrich and Jack Cashon
Unbelievable Touch and Tone!




Some things to save you time and money in the studio

Studio owners: David & Lori "Georgia"

Lori has an incredible ear, is a singer, songwriter, and a welcoming,
supportive producer & assistant engineer. She is likely to feed you too.

David is a pianist, composer,
music producer and our main recording engineer.

David and Lori have 25 years of musical experience


Portions of the proceeds from Ancestor Alley are going to National Public Radio.



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